Rockling in Garlic and Capsicum Infused Olive Oil

Rocking with Garlic and Capsicum 1

Decided to try a hybrid variation of the confit and sous vide cooking technique on fish just to see what would happen. Turned out pretty good with an interesting texture for the fish.  A straightforward and easy recipe to whip up. The main thing you need is a medium heavy bottom non stick pan with a lid.

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3-2-1 Noodle Soup

3 types of Japanese soya based sauces, 2 cuts of pork (shoulder and mined) and 1 type of noodles. This is my recipe for Japanese noodles, transforming the cheap, oft over looked cuts of pork into delightful mouthfuls with lots of love and patience. The combination of the 3 sauces gives the soup a rich, complex taste that’s simply satisfying.

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