Soya Bean Paste Pasta with Medley of Cherry Tomatoes


While there are several places serving up Japanese pasta, I haven’t come across any that incorporates Chinese sauces into pasta. This is my take on it using one of my favorite Chinese sauces, the soya bean paste. The paste, incorporated with sour cream and mustard, adds depth and smokiness to the pasta. The cherry tomatoes add color, crunch and tartness to balance it all off. Serve with pan seared fish on the side for a more complete meal. A simple and fuss free recipe!

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Mustard Marmalade Orange Sauce

This is a simple sauce which has sweet, bitter and spicy notes. Its super fast and easy to whip (literally) up! Goes with most things savory as a balance. Try it with my ABC Fritters.

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Snow Peas and Strawberry Salad

I haven’t had snow peas in quite a few years and came across a packet while shopping for groceries. I didn’t have a recipe in mind yet but was greeted by a couple of rapidly ripening strawberries in my fridge and the recipe invented itself! Very quick to prepare with bright colours to brighten up any meal.

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Honey Coffee Yogurt Sauce

This was inspired by something I saw on Aussie Masterchef. Combining honey and yogurt is common enough but to add on coffee? It adds on this additional depth of flavor and texture which is really good!


  • Plain Yogurt (Greek or European style works well)
  • Honey
  • Good instant coffee
  • Salt and Black Pepper

Getting it Done!

  1. To a medium sized bowl, add 2 big tablespoons of yogurt, 1.5 tablespoons of honey, sprinkles of instant coffee, a small pinch of salt and black pepper
  2. Whisk well to combine all the ingredients
  3. This is a sweetish sauce which can double up as a dressing as well. As a sauce, it goes with something more salty such as crab cakes. As a dressing, it does well with more bitter greens such as rocket
  4. Done!