Crispy Chinese Ricecakes

This is a yummy, economical treat / side dish that is worth the slightly troublesome steps required. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and packed with flavor! Guaranteed to be a hit with adults and kids alike. Best of all, you can easily store these and just heat it up in the oven!

Crispy Ricecakes 2

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Heart Attack Fried Rice

Was introduced to this dish in Singapore where they used the oil from frying up steaks to make fried rice. Haven’t manage to come across this elsewhere so decided to make my own version. Be warned! It is a guilty treat!

Heart Attack Fried Rice

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Oven Baked Coffee Ribs with Spiced Rice

Pork Ribs and Spiced Rice

This was inspired by one of my fav chinese ‘zu char’ (casual chinese restaurant dining) dishes – coffee pork ribs. But with a spin using western cooking technique to make it slightly healthier. Lose the fats, not the taste!

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Pumpkin Salted Egg Risotto topped with Crispy Chinese Sausage

This is another Chinese-Italian inspiration. These 2 cuisines seem to complement each other very well. The creamy risotto, the sweet pumpkin, the salty egg and the sweet salty crunch of the chinese sausage culminates in a medley of tastes and textures.

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