Nespresso French Sticks

A simple combination of my 3 fav things for brekky. Coffee, Eggs and Bread. So what do you do when you cant decide? Throw all 3 things together for a kick ass brekky / brunch item!

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Nespresso Valhorna Pudding (in 30 secs flat!)

This recipe came out when i staring at leftover french toast mixture, bits of Valhorna chocs and my Nespresso machine just next to it. This dessert is super quick and tastes much more impressive than a 30 second endeavor.

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A Valentine’s Dessert To Remeber

Here’s something different for Valentine’s Day. No chocolates involved! The individual components are compartmentalised so everything can be prepared before hand and assembled just before serving. What exactly is this dessert? Ice Cream ‘Cheesecake’ with Spiced Pumpkin Mash, Snow Pea ‘Icicles’ and Crispy Wanton Skin. So go ahead and impress your loved one with something unexpected.

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