My name is Chin Hui and I am a food-a-holic. All my life I have enjoyed food, and for several years, way too much – which explains my several years over different periods of time as an obese boy / man. Thank goodness as I’ve grown older, my self-control has strengthened and my tastes matured. This is a blessing as Singapore is a food paradise and this culinary utopia grows every year.

As I had the opportunities to travel and also experience an amazing variety of food right here in Singapore, I begun to be inspired by what I ate, what I saw and what I smelled. I started to throw flavors together in my head and I started to translate these thoughts into recipes. Truth be told, as expected, there have been hits and misses, but this blog only holds the successful ones.

To me, cooking is the quintessential human activity. You need to use your 5 senses. You need imagination, discipline, patience and multi-tasking skills. Most importantly, as clichéd as it sounds, you really do need to use your heart and soul. There is no other activity that gives me as much joy as cooking for family and friends. The time and effort can’t be more worth it.

So there you go. This starts the series of recipes which come from my head to the plate. If you do happen to try some of these out, pass me the feedback and let me know how it goes.

“Food is an engagement of all your senses. Good food takes time, heart, mind and soul but its worth it”


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  1. hi Chin Hui, stumbled upon your blog after seeing it in my fb news feed. Didn’t know you’re such a foodie, with cooking skills to match!
    p.s. can’t imagine you as obese?! ;)

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