A Valentine’s Dessert To Remeber

Here’s something different for Valentine’s Day. No chocolates involved! The individual components are compartmentalised so everything can be prepared before hand and assembled just before serving. What exactly is this dessert? Ice Cream ‘Cheesecake’ with Spiced Pumpkin Mash, Snow Pea ‘Icicles’ and Crispy Wanton Skin. So go ahead and impress your loved one with something unexpected.

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • Small segment of pumpkin (any type but I do like butter squash)
  • 4 snow peas
  • A handful of feta cheese
  • French vanilla or Vanilla ice cream (Tillamook is unbelievably great!)
  • Wanton (yellow) or Sui Kao (white) skin
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Cinnamon sugar
  • Nutmeg powder
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Maple syrup

Getting it Done! (Spiced Pumpkin Mash)

  1. Wash the pumpkin and place it directly into a steamer with the skin and seeds
  2. With 4 to 5cm of water in a pot, and a pot stand, any pot becomes a steamer
  3. Steam for 15 to 20 minutes or until the flesh is soft enough to scoop out with a spoon
  4. Using a spoon remove the seeds, scoop out the flesh and set aside in a medium bowl
  5. Add 2-3 sprinkles of cinnamon and nutmeg powder as well as 4 tablespoons of maple syrup
  6. Using a fork, mash the pumpkin while mixing in all the other ingredients
  7. Set aside in the fridge

Getting it Done! (Snow Pea Icicles)

  1. Remove the spine of the snow peas by pinching one end of the peas and firmly pulling in a lateral direction
  2. Into a boiling pot of water, place the peas for about 1 minute before removing and placing into a bowl of cold water to stop the cooking
  3. Using a sharp knife, carefully slice as thinly as possible lengthwise
  4. There will be some seeds inside, don’t worry about it; its edible
  5. Place in a freezer proof container and place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes

Getting it Done! (‘Cheesecake’)

  1. Use your hands to crumble the feta into a bowl
  2. Add a generous amount of cinnamon sugar and a small sprinkle of cayenne pepper
  3. Mix well and set aside in the fridge

Getting it Done! (Crispy Wanton Skin)

  1. Into a medium heavy bottom pot, heat up 5-6cm of oil (peanut or palm oil works best but any vegetable oil will do) over medium heat
  2. You can use wanton or sui kao skin but I find sui kao skin give a ‘cleaner’ taste
  3. Make sure your cutting board and knife is totally dry before using
  4. Regardless of whether you are using the square or rounded shapes, cut the skin into quarters and set aside
  5. When the oil is 180 degrees Celsius, or when bubbles emerge furiously from a wooden chop stick, place a few pieces of the skin in making sure not to overcrowd
  6. Turn frequently and remove once both sides are lightly browned
  7. Drain off excess oil with a paper towel and set aside on a drying rack to cool

Getting it Done! (Assembly Time)

  1. Now it’s all about putting it together on a plate
  2. Using a circular mould (this is like a small segment of a pipe cut out. You can make one by twisting some aluminium foil into a circle as well), shape the pumpkin and the cheese into circles on your serving plate
  3. Pile a few pieces of the wanton skin on top of one another
  4. Remove the icicles from the freezer and place on top of the pumpkin
  5. Finally, at the last moment, place a generous scoop of ice cream on top of the cheese
  6. When eating, place a bit of everything on the wanton skin before taking a bite
  7. Done!

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