Crispy Bacon Bits

As a general rule, I avoid store bought bacon bits like the plague! Have you ever seen the ingredients list on those things? Bacon isn’t even on it! Make your own, coz you are worth it!


  • Back Bacon or Streaky Bacon (Streaky will give you crispier bits but back is healthier)

Getting it done! (Crispy Bacon Bits)

  1. To a heavy bottom pan, add a drizzle of any oil (except extra virgin olive oil as it burns too quickly)
  2. Heat the pan over a medium heat
  3. As the pan is heating up, dice the bacon into finger thick pieces
  4. Add the bacon to the pan, making sure that its evenly spread over the pan
  5. Give it a stir every 1 to 2 minutes
  6. Do this until the bacon turn deep brown
  7. Set aside and place on top of a kitchen towel to absorb the excess oil
  8. Do not leave the bacon sitting on the kitchen towel, it will become soggy, remove the bacon once the towel is soaked through and set aside
  9. Done!

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